In the run up to the awards later this year, a yearlong feature series of episodes will run on ET NOW showcasing inspirational stories from the SME space across the country. The series will include enlightening discussions with SMEs and industry experts on a variety of topics and a chance to get business growth queries answered straight from the experts.
Another key aspect of the series will be to showcase stories that celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and narrate fascinating examples where a little courage, a sound business plan and a good product have helped an entrepreneur to make his/her mark in the world of business.

A new and exciting structure for this year’s feature series:

- Long Format Interviews & Panel Discussions:

Leaders of Tomorrow speaks with the biggest names from India Inc. and the government. Season 7 has interviewed the likes of Vineet Nayar of HCL Tech, Deep Kalra of MakeMyTrip, Paytm Mall, Kone India, Siemens India amongst others. These interviews aim to reach the crux or heart of the matter with subject matter experts from different industries.

We will also do panel discussions on some of the most topical themes like GST, decoding the aggregation model for small businesses, decoding trends for the wedding and holiday season, demonetisation etc.

- Reporter Features:

The team travels to 20 cities across India to get compelling stories of entrepreneurs and small businesses which are doing something different and being disruptors in their space. These visually rich and in-depth interviews speak to entrepreneurs across industries.

- Short Format Interviews:

Targeted interviews with SMEs that have gained traction and size in their respected industries. These will be short, crisp interviews which will detail both the company as well as the opportunities and challenges of the industry for other SMEs, learnings of the entrepreneur and advise for fellow entrepreneurs as well as unique insights into their business.

- Special Case Study Features & Women Entrepreneurs:

Social sector entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs are rapidly on the rise in India. More funds are willing to look at these entrepreneurs favourably than ever before, even as specific government schemes for these segments are on the rise. Further, while everyone talks about success stories, not enough is being spoken about failures of entrepreneurs, and their learning from that. This segment will aim to feature the best stories, case studies, interviews of entrepreneurs across different industry segments and to bring the most inspiring interviews to our viewers.

Catch the telecasts: Monday-Thursday at 10:30 pm and Saturday-Sunday at 8:00 pm.

April 2019

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Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | HERO ELECTRIC + HOLYLAND | Episode 123 2019-04-06


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | INKBRUSH + NETA | Episode 124 2019-04-09


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | RAIPUR GROUND EVENT | Episode 125 2019-04-10


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | EV PANEL | Episode 126 2019-04-13


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | INTERIOR DESIGN PANEL | Episode 127 2019-04-17


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | AMRAPALI + GEM PALACE | Episode 128 2019-04-20


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | CAPRI GLOBAL CAPITAL | Episode 129 2019-04-20


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | Nap + Nearfit + Roar | Episode 130 2019-04-22


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | SMERA Report | Episode 131 2019-04-25


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | Calcutta Ground Event | Episode 132 2019-04-27


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | Prudent + CSS Corp | Episode 133 2019-04-29


Leaders Of Tomorrow - Season 7 | Nammalore + Redesyn | Episode 134 2019-04-30



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